Thursday, June 17, 2010

Air-conditioning and refrigeration for all boards

This summer, people are looking for ways, energy costs are looking to Staying Cool Cut. Temptation to turn the thermostat to cool down to freezing, try these tips to save the sweat. These tips and good air cooling techniques as owners in each city to act.

Keep the thermostat temperature as high as you can stand, but still beautiful. It is proposed that the thermostat is more than 80 at any time. Keep the thermostat below 80 degrees really kill area. Substantial increase in energy costs, as each level of less than 80 increases the energy consumption of 4.3 percent. Growth of 3-4 percent in energy consumption of each stage, you can very quickly.

If possible, the time for CA. Run your AC while you are on at work all day. There is also an economic burden. Keep your day turns to the still warm place. I'm not talking hot air in the house when the rotation. If the AC cool air is constantly pressing the hot air, and when the warm weather outside off. But! Balloon is correct, and if the roads turn right again. Every day, wasting valuable energy, you have to pay. Setting the AC over an hour before the arrival at home, and must not have enough time to cool down. If you do not have time to at least 10-15 degrees normal to invest at this time, not at home. Or go back home.

Use energy-saving lamps. You are not the only one who save a lot of money, but also produces the same amount of light. Onions can be up to 75 percent more than in the CFL are heated. Although the energy consumption by 75 percent. The choice is use a simple, efficient light bulbs. Make sure you also disable unnecessary lights and lights and go home.

Awnings are the best friend of the owner, as well as mosquito nets and shutters to. Anything to help protect your home and windows in direct sunlight, cool at home. Considerable heat is generated when the sun hits the window curtains are a great addition to the house if you really want to keep a cool head. They lower the temperature in the house 10 to 20 percent depending on the store .

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